On-Demand Webinar: Applying AI & Machine Learning to IWMS

Are you ready to discover the exciting next generation of IWMS?

Ready to discover the exciting next generation of IWMS?

We invite you to watch our webinar on-demand, Applying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to IWMS!

Tango’s panel of experts discuss how technological advances and cultural shifts in the workplace are disrupting where and how employees work – and why traditional IWMS solutions simply cannot keep up. We explore the changes IWMS is undergoing, why it is critical your organization’s single solution be synthesized with AI, and how this impacts your bottom line. 

We also discuss:

  • Why the time for AI is now
  • The relationship between traditional and machine learning modelling
  • Specific IWMS applications of AI

Learn how our IWMS platform applies AI and machine learning to space planning and other facets of IWMS, allowing organizations to better align their physical footprint with company strategy and employee needs, while driving down costs.