Tango Maintenance

Facilities organizations of all types benefit from Tango’s management of the entire location lifecycle, which helps better inform maintenance decisions and actions.

Download the Tango Maintenance Datasheet

Give your customers the store experience they deserve with faster and more cost effective resolution of store maintenance issues.

Retaining the desired standard of quality for buildings, assets and equipment is critical to the ongoing functioning and minimal disruption of your organization’s core business. Many organizations have discovered that seamless planning coupled with scheduled maintenance can cut operations and facilities maintenance costs by up to 15% as well as extend the life of their assets.


Prioritize and coordinate maintenance activities to deliver service effectively and at a lower cost.

Service Requests

Quickly capture and categorize maintenance service requests to ensure remediation follows policy and utilizes the right vendor.

Work Orders

Rapid remediation meets cost controls through intelligent routing and aggressive SLA, NTE and invoice management.

Scheduled Maintenance

Ensure assets are maintained to prevent breakdowns, reduce long-term maintenance costs and extend asset lifecycles.

Asset & Vendor Management

Capture critical asset data to drive repair versus replace decisions while ensuring you have the right vendor partners.