7 Key Factors to Assessing Lease Accounting Software

It is important to take time to assess the available software solutions, and ensure seamless compliance to FASB ASC 842 by selecting the right system.

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Some companies have attempted to layer new functionality on top of the old, and some are leveraging third-party applications to patch systems together. Others are seeking solutions that have been built from the ground up and are third-party verified to ensure compliance with the new FASB ASC 842 standard.

In 7 Key Factors to Assessing Lease Accounting Software, we'll help you better understand what to look for in a good partner, and what to avoid:

  1. Select a Lease Accounting Software that is Tried and Tested
  2. Partner with the Experts
  3. Pick a Partner to Grow With
  4. Ensure the Solution is Comprehensive
  5. Don’t Pay for Your Own Data
  6. Two-for-One isn’t a Deal
  7. Delay, Delay, Delay

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