Lease Administration: The Time for Change is Now (Webinar)

With both the internal and external forces propelling retailers and restaurant companies to shift their perspective on the impact that effective management of lease administration has on the success of their entire real estate process, we'll discuss the limitations of existing solutions and the opportunities available to retailers.

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Let's face it, over the last 15 years, it is safe to say that there has been few advancement in the capabilities offered in lease administration solutions. Existing vendors have attempted to dress up their old functionality to look like something new, but substantive changes have been few and far between.


But a variety of internal and external factors are now challenging the approach to lease administration that most vendors take. These include the consumerization of IT that has resulted in the need for a more user-centered experience. Retailers and restaurant companies also want to see new functionality - rather than dressed up old functionality - as well as a focus on the strategic advantages offered by leveraging valuable lease data. And they need to respond now to the changing FASB standards announced this past February. And while there are changing forces impacting lease administration solutions, the available options are simply not keeping up.


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