Tango Site Selection Datasheet

Operating as a single system with interrelated processes, Tango ensures that Market Research, Real Estate, Construction and Finance all leverage the same data, maps, predictive analytics, workflow and approval processes so that you can identify the best sites first and quickly assess and close deals.

Download the Tango Site Selection Datasheet

Retailers who can quickly bring together the interrelated activities of planning markets and intelligently selecting sites have a distinct competitive advantage. The adage is true: better sites faster. That’s exactly what Tango does.


Tango’s Market Planning & Site Selection enables retailers to evaluate their existing store portfolio, new market opportunities and the impact of competitive moves to optimize their real estate plans, while identifying the highest and best use of their store development capital – all from one platform.


Key Capabilities include: 

  • Retail GIS
  • Geospatial Market Planning
  • Intelligent Site Selection
  • Proforma Analyst
  • Pipeline Management