Why Multiple Solutions Don't Add Up

In the eBook Why Multiple Solutions don't add up, Tango explores the challenges retailers face when trying to bring together solutions to address the entire real estate and store development lifecycle.

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"Vendors sell predictive analytics solutions, GIS solutions or store development execution solutions – and attempts to make these three systems work together fail to address the numerous and intricate dependencies they have on one another. Attempts to bring these solutions together often disappoint, as they not only fail to address the core real estate and store development requirements of retailers and restaurant companies, they also introduce numerous other issues."


This ebook demonstrates how attempts to bring these systems together simply adds up to a solution that is incomplete. And how a single solution – one that brings together customer and location predictive analytics with purpose-built retail GIS and store development execution is greater than multiple solutions. 

Here, the laws of arithmetic do not apply because 1+1+1 < 1