On-Demand: The Next Normal for Retail Location Strategy

Virtual Summit: The Next Normal for Retail Location Strategy

Everything has changed. In the short term, it means we won’t see you at ICSC RECon in May, and your 2020 real estate strategy has gone out the window. But all is not lost. There is a path forward.

Smart retailers are taking decisive action to respond to these changes, and are looking at ways to control their occupancy costs and leverage location analytics to better understand the new normal quicker, enabling them to react faster and recover sooner.


Keynote: The State of Retail in a Post-COVID World

Presented by Tango:
Pranav Tyagi – President & CEO

In his informative keynote, Tango President & CEO Pranav Tyagi talks about the state of the retail industry, which retailers are weathering the storm, and why, what Tango has learned from working with our retail customers, and how we are supporting the industry that helped build us with free tools. 

Roundtable: The Impact of COVID-19 on Retail

Shannon Koenigsdorf – Region Lead, Client Service Delivery, PSC, Cushman & Wakefield
Shai Verma – Partner, Retail Technology, Deloitte
Pranav Tyagi – President & CEO, Tango

Moderated by:
Bart Waldeck – CMO & Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

Listen to industry experts respond to questions pertaining to how retailers should respond currently, how they should prepare to reopen, as well as perspectives on industry recovery and the longer term impacts of COVID-19 on retail.

Don’t Wait, Take Decisive Action to Reduce Occupancy Costs

Presented by Tango:
Devon Wolfe – Senior Vice President, Analytics
James Massey – Senior Manager, Services
Bart Waldeck – CMO & Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

Retail and restaurant companies are experiencing the brunt of an unprecedented pandemic environment and many are scrambling to survive the crisis. Everything is on the table, and at the top of the list is the reduction of rent, which along with other related occupancy costs, constitutes a top 3 enterprise expense.

Speed is of the essence as landlord concessions will soon dry up, but rash decision making is a recipe for disaster as these measures cannot be undone. Decisive action must be taken now—but wait, which stores and which landlords?

Retail Location Strategy in a COVID-19 World

Presented by Tango:

David Srsic – Senior Director, Global Market Planning, Dunkin' Brands
Devon Wolfe – Senior Vice President, Analytics, Tango
Bart Waldeck – CMO & Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Tango

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on how retailers currently operate, and many experts believe these developments will result in long-term changes in consumer behavior. It is hard to predict how, where, and to what degree things will shift. Compounding the issue is the fact that sales forecasting techniques of the past no longer accurately predict the future. You need to be able to assess the impact of changing consumer patterns on your sales in order to both survive now and thrive in the post-COVID world.